Hey Dawn!

Sorry it has been so long, we had quite the experience getting this big boy back home with us, but he is here
and loving it! He missed his Grandma.. lol big brat attached to her from when you first shipped him here :) My
parents went out and bought their own malamute within 2 months of us taking him to Italy with us. lol I don't
have a real recent weight on him but he has to be pushing right around 110 lbs easily.

Here are some pictures I took today! He is fully out of coat. 13 months old :) Shya, my parents dog, is 11
months old and you can see the difference in their sizes!

I have been meaning to ask you how much you feed your adult dogs, he is still on the taste of the wild and we
were giving him 4 cups (2 in the morning and 2 at night) while we were in Italy and he seemed okay with that,
but since he has been here we've finally got him to about 5 cups but he acts like he is constantly hungry, is it
because he is more active now?

Thank you
Bella from Owensboro, Here she is playing in our recent ice storm.. She loves the snow.. She is 19 weeks old
and 62 pounds of nothing but a big baby!!! Thanks Jarrod Lanham

Hey dawn its alyssa i bought an all white female from tundra and avalanches litter about six months ago.  I just
wanted to say thanks so much bella is doing wonderful and she is exactly what i wanted.  I love her sooo much
she is my big baby we do everything together, so i thought i would send you some pictures i took of her

Thank you so much Alyssa
Hi dawn!!!!!

This is jarrod and Lisa Lanham, from Owensboro, ky!!!! We got Bella from you 3 1/2 years ago!!!! Bella weighs
about 125-130
Her parents are sakari and tatonka!!!

Thank you



They get along great. Takoda is well on his way to being "ninja panda cub"... master thief. He's already figured
out how to open the locking lids on both their food containers, and the locks on the trashcan lids. He's very
intently studying the door knobs (mainly to the "food room") and the lock controls on the freezer so he can
dispense his own ice cubes and water. At about over 6.5 months, he's finally not as square as when he was
smaller (for longest time he was as long as he was tall) - roughly 50 pounds (he was weighed last at end of
May, and has grown since)... when he stands on his back legs, he can almost put his paws on my shoulders.
Paws are bigger than my palm, so still a lot of growing to do. The pic where Drew is holding him, he's still pretty
small - maybe 3-4 months. The one where Koda is on Drew's lap was the night I brought him home. Now when
you pick him up - or try to - he "overflows" your arms...

Lisa Spence
It's going very well.  He's a smart little pup.  He is learning quickly.

Lori S. Millsap
Hello Dawn!
"Simon" is doing great in my and my sons opinion anyways.  Besides all the usual great moments etc, he has
since graduated from a couple courses in puppy training and young dog middle school.  Attached is the latest
grad pic of him.  Hansom eh? :-) *grin*  Weight -wise he is 75 lbs right now, his doctor saying he is doing great
and may well double in size upon full growth.

Hope you, your dogs, and newer puppies are doing great as well,
Hi Dawn,
Nanuq is doing just fine- he is a great dogJ  He just got neutered last Friday- his weight was 70 LBS.   I’ll be
happy to send you a picture as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,
Jane Brunette
Good Morning,

I just wanted to update you on how he is doing. He has really acclimated to the house and our cat. They are
getting along, well for the most part anyways. The cat is a little cautious of him still, but other than that they are
great together. He has learned how to sit, come and his name. He is almost potty trained, 4th night of no
accidents so we are excited about that. Anyways I can attached some photos of him. Thank you again for

Kristin Ashford
Here is an updated picture of Yukiko. She's getting big. She is so sweet and full of energy.

Thank You
michael Huber
Hi Dawn,

I wanted to send a picture of Amy. She was one of yours four years ago from Tatonka/Shadow.  I just wanted to
send a picture.
She is doing great!

Dawn -

Isn't he a handsome little devil at (almost) four months?  Chunk boy weighs 40 pounds!  He's gonna be a big
boy when he grows up.
I love his eyebrows. :)


Paula Fortier

P.S.  He won't be sitting on that old wood porch for much longer - the new composite board one will be installed
in a week or so.
We're doing major post-Isaac renovations to the outside of our home.

Hi Dawn,

Here are two pictures of Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn McCool):

Finn is 160 lbs. and stands 6 ft. tall when he’s up on his hind legs.  His favorite thing to do is hang out in the
driveway (as you can see in the first picture, he’s on a 100 ft. lead-line) keeping my husband company while he
works in the garage.  Second picture is him on the back patio watching my girls swing on the swingset.


Denise Shaw
My wife Janet and I purchased Joa from you back in October. We are thrilled with our new puppy. Here's an
updated picture of her at 4 months old.
Josh Caron

Check these out! Timber is doing great! He's such a smart pup! Growing fast! It will be a Very Merry Christmas
having him with us. No tree this year...but we won't miss it!
Thanks again for doing such wonderful work with your Mals at Lonestar and for your continued interest.
W'll stay in touch.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Maria & Paul
December 2012
Timber is doing GREAT!  Smart little pup! Loves everyone he meets...people & doggies and they all love him!
We are gradually introducing him to his new surroundings. He's a happy camper! Thank you so much for all
you've done. Rest assured that we did get his microchip registered, he met his vet and is on his schedule to be
neutered. We'll send you some updates from time to time!  Maria/Pau
Dawn would you ever be breeding Drifter to cinder ? We know in a couple of months we will be looking to get
one or two pups an of couse we are going to you because you have beautiful dogs an you the best breeder
out there i am sure of that !! Idon'tt know of any .Other breeder who would be there for me when i lost one of
my dogs like you have been i just wanted to tell you thank you and thank you so much for my beautiful boys
they have made losing sequoia alil easier but not hurt any less.

♥ love Shauna

i can't imagine what your life is with all the puppies! Love and frustration but mostly love in your life's devotion
to "unconditional love" of which i never received from my 3 ex's until i adopted Gracie. I just can't imagine why i
didn't adopt sooner"

thank you

Romi got her first grooming a couple of days ago and was such a champ that Daddy bought her a pumpkin
squeaky toy.  She is doing great and can be such a dork (in a good way) that she makes me about pee myself
laughing at her antics!!!

Take care.

Deidre Motto

Hi Dawn
I just wanted to let you know we decided to name our sweet boy after his daddy. We've named him Titan. He is
such a sweet heart I have to remind Kalli hes just a baby. She tends to play too rough.  I've got some good
pictures I promise to send some soon.
By the way when we were at training last Sunday we took Titan with us since we didn't want to leave him home
and the trainer said by seeing their temperament it was very obvious they ( Kalli and Titan) came from a very
reputable breeder.  I just thought I was pass that along to you.
Penny MacMillan

Hi Dawn,

All of your puppies are so cute....dying for another, but still working out some kinks with Nuk (Tonka and
Shadow). She is so beautiful and very sweet. She is 7 months now...almost 8. She is 77lbs and very long!!!!
We love her to bits!!!!

Will post some more pics soon!


Hi Dawn Just wanted to let u know that Titan got fixed on sept 8 He is doing so good Hes getting big
Thanks for such a great dog
Bill and Matt


Hi Dawn
Its Penny Macmillan here. Iwas looking at your site again I always enjoy looking at your new puppies and I was
go glad to see you bread Mystic and Saberwolf again. After all they are also my dear Kalli's parents she is such
a wonderful well behaved girl. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but I can't help it. She makes it hard to
get things done around the house. She constantly wants her belly rubbed( you did warn me) I hope the new
puppies are just as wonderful.
Titan is getting so big (named after his daddy)  My husband is making a custom made crate for him this
weekend as he is out growing what is now his third crate. He eats 5 cups of IAMs puppy 2x a day and still is on
the thin side. When we're eating dinner hes so big he can rest his silly big head on the kitchen table with no
problem. When he stands on his hind legs he can look my husband in the eyes. He is a silly boy. He like to
snuggle and be loved on but not as much as Kalli.  They are both so precious to us. We are now forever
Malamute lovers and will never own another breed and they will always come from you. I'll send more pictures

Hey Dawn,
Just wanted to share some new pictures of Cayenne we took while camping a couple of weeks ago.
She was so great going on the trip with us. (It was her turn to have the family to herself.)
She loved playing in the lake and watching all the chipmunks run around!
Hope everything is going well with you guys! to you later.

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to let you know we had a great day with the puppy, I think his name will be Lonestar's  Cowboy
Kodiak.. Not positive yet.
We took him to the vet today he was a 10!!!
Thanks for all of your hard work and commitment.
We will keep you posted on his progress,he has been a doll!!
Thanks again,
Hello Dawn!
I have learn so much in school that you be proud of me. My mommy is taking me to the dog show this weekend
to show me off.

I now weight 87 Ibs And I am just a  little over 6 months in this picture.

Woof! Woof!

Hello dawn how are you ?   takanni is getting so big he was neutered  on  July 1 and he is getting so big , he
goes to daycare every Wednesday and Friday.  He  has the best temperament and just loves everyone. He is
very protective  of my   3 year old god daughter and never lets her out of his sight.  We are   going to be
coming to you again in the spring to get another malamute from you  because you breed  the most amazing  
dogs , I would like to get a red and white male.   Thank you so much for  takanni he has truly been heaven sent.

Hey Dawn,  

Its been awhile since i gave you an update on Shadow!
He is Doing really well and is a great Dog,  He just wants to give everyone kisses and play with everyone he
Shadow is about 10.5 month's old,   Roughly 29 inch's at the shoulder and  about 110-115 lbs if i had to guess
(big boy).

I'll send you a picture later this week!!


Hi dawn.
I took romo to the vet this morning to see why he was itching so bad...believe it or ws fleas. i guess it is
so bad outside this time of year. with the bad fleas outside. And, he must of got them when I take him for his
long walks.
He got some pills to stop the itch and the advantage the medication that you put behind his neck. So, he hasn't
stratch that much. I think is working. I am so glad I took him in.
(Poor baby) On the Vet's scale he is 76Ibs. and he is just 5 months! He is big!
Ok, everything is fine with him. Thank God!

take care,
Rachel and no more itchy Romo.


Hello how are you, all is well here takanni is getting so big he  weighed in at    46  pounds  on may 19 he is
loving daycare and puppy play group he is amazing  I don't think  he could be any more amazing he is great
with everyone but he is very protective over me and our female mal  its so cute cause she is still bigger then
him, have you spoken with the guys who got takanni's brother we really would love  to get the boys together?    
he is everything that you told us he would be he is smart and beautiful and  he has  taken a lot of the pain of
losing ghost away.   well hope all is well

shawcross family‏

Achilles born December 13th is doing great.  He is such a sweet dog.  He was just neutered on Thursday and is
recovering very well.  I am attaching some of his more recent photos.  Achilles is such a smart dog, he learns
quickly, he is very gentle with my daughter and loves to play.  He is still trying to get used to water, when we
take him to the lake he won't let the water go past mid body.  Thank you very much for the wonderful puppy.

Kim and Michael

Hello here is my beautiful baby boy. He is getting so big and at 5 months too he is a big boy.
I love Romo. He was fine at the Vet./kennel when I left him there last weekend.
He had fun! His teeth must be coming out cause he had a little blood and I think it could be he losing his baby
teeth. I guess. He seems ok.
Just wanted to share these pics. with you.
Have a Happy and safe Memorial Day!

Rachel & Romo

Hey Dawn,
Just wanted to send you some pics we took of Cayenne playing inside with us and the other Mals.
She is doing soooo Great! We all love her! She is really playful and the other Mals took to her right away. It's
so cute to watch them all running around the yard and playing together.
Anyway, sorry it took a little while to get these to you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jenn & Family

HI Dawn,

this is how I spent mothers day; not one time but twice. Hope yours was better at least as much fun.



Dawn: I sent you a message on your guest book, but I'm not sure if it ever got posted. We just wanted to give
you and update (it's long overdue) on our puppy that we bought from you about a year ago. Calypso  is
currently just under one year old. She's 11 months, and about 73 pounds! She's going to be a big girl, just like
her daddy! She is absolutely beautiful--so smart and dignified. We can't believe she's the same dog--she was
so red when we got her, and now she's dark gray with a lot of white in her top coat. Calypso is a fantastic girl,
we can't wait to get another one (probably a black & white) to keep her company. She loves our cat, and plays
with our neighbor's dogs all the time--it just warms my heart to watch her. She's definitely cheap entertainment!
Calypso loves the water. Justin taught her how to swim when she was just two months old! Anyhow, I attached
some pictures of her as she's grown. She really doesn't even look like the same dog from photo to photo! Feel
free to add them to your "past puppies" page on your site, if you want. The two pictures of her on the bed were
taken yesterday. Hope things are going well for you and your kennel operation. We'll be looking for a male
blk/white in the coming year. Take care, and thanks again for such a wonderful and smart companion! We truly
love her!

Sincerely, Natalie and Justin Hubbard Austin, Texas
Hi Dawn! Let me know if these four pictures come through ok. Suka was a little over a year old in these,
exceeeeept for the puppy picture...just thought it was so cute

Hey dawn, we took Monte to his 14 week check up today before we head to Alabama on Friday. He's doing
very well and he's gained 9 lbs since his last appointment. The doctor said he's fine to travel and we've driven
him around in the car a lot so he can get use to it. We will keep in touch and our next e-mail will be from
Alabama. Thanks again, iris


Hey Dawn,
Got your message yesterday. We didn't even get a storm here. It all stayed up around Denver. Thank you for
checking on us.
Cayenne is doing fantastic! She is sooooo playful and bouncy! Her latest cute thing is to get a running start
from across the yard and run towards Misha and just when it looks like she is going to crash into the side of
Misha, Cayenne leaps over her back, tongue hanging out, looking all silly! She keeps us laughung all the time.
She even has Misha playing like a pup again. (Misha used to just stay to herself alot.) She is a Great girl!

Talk to you soon,

Hi Dawn, Here's our girl, she gets better every day, we really couldn't ask for a sweeter girl.

He is so good too....I really love this pup alot! I like taking him to Petsmart he loves looking around and he is
doing real good in puppy classes. We been to 6 classes and he is doing good. He is the youngest and he is
just so smart. He makes me proud.
I love your pics. on your website...yours is the best of the best of all the huskies and malamutes I've seen.
Hope I can come back someday and buy another puppy from you.I saw the new ones and I said..I want another
one...they are gorgeous! Romo still barks at Lucky my Siberian husky. They both walk together outside for
their walks and he is ok..but, the minute he is inside and so is Lucky he just barks at Lucky and Lucky just
looks at him like saying "Oh brother". Its cute.
OK, Dawn, have a nice holiday weekend.
Rachel & Romo

I thought you would like to see that everyone is getting along.  The are really great.  Diamond weighs 74lbs.
and Kodiak weighs 76lbs.  She is still bigger than him but not for long.  The Vet said that they both look good
and very sweet. Thanks again.................Kristy

Dawn,I just wanted to send a note to say the our new puppy, Amy, is doing great. I signed the contract and put
it in the mail a few days ago. It should be getting to you soon. I attached a few pictures of her for you. Our vet
paid a compliment to you. He said that judging by her condition she must have a very good breeder. He
commented about how clean her ears were and that there was no sign of even common problems that new
puppies have. Just wanted to pass that on to you.

Thanks again,
Jimmy Smith

Thank you so much for all you done for us. He is beautiful. And just like you said he smells good. What is it that
you use? Once again, thank you so much and we will keep in touch.


I meant to say I am going to wait till he is 6 months old to get Romo nueter. The other email I said I was going to
wait till he is 2 months old and I meant I am going to wait two more months.
52 Ibs is what he weights now. Romo is happy too. He is spoil but, yet he knows better.
He is love by my family and friends too. They all think he looks like a show dog.
Thanks to you Dawn I have a new friend ~Romo~

Hello Dawn!
Well, Romo went today 4/26/08 for his last shots..he won't go back to the doctor till in 2 months to get nueter.
He is big and he weights now 52 Ibs. so, he is getting there. Alot of people that see him think he looks like a
wolf. His coat is getting darker on the top. It used to be like light cream color and now it is dark and he looks like
a silver german shepherd or a wolf or he has been call also a coyote. He is my joy and he has brought me
happiness since Frisco pass away even though Lucky has made me happy too.
Romo is a fast learner in school. He is real bright and he is a smart cookie.
I will let you know and send you a copy of his nueter in 2 months. I am going to wait till he is 2 months old.
Romo went to Dallas, San Antonio and Corpus Christi...he had fun!
Talk to you later.

Hello , how are you sorry it has taking me so long to write I have been finishing up with school, takanni  had is
first    day or  daycare last Saturday and has started puppy class and is doing  great with it he loves to swim  
we bought  him his own little pool and he loves to spend every min  that he is out side in it, we were wondering
if you still had contact with  the  guys who  got his brother in Maine because we would love to get the boys
together  for a play date.  he is doing amazing and is a big part of our  lives and we are so glad to have him.
and his ears have gone fully up now.

Just saying hi and sending new picture of me.  I went to a open house puppy party Tuesday. My class was
cancel that day for the party. I am still going to school. I am learning alot.
I go to school every Tuesday night.
Take care,
Oh that's wonderful!  I check your past puppy page from time to time and really enjoy the fact that you keep a
sense of family alive through it.  Both of our babies are doing fantastic.  Nikita is a born leader, but her brother
has about 30 pounds on her so they still play "No, I'm in charge" a lot.  When it's cool down here, which wasn't
often this winter, I hook up their retractable leashes and go off in the golf cart.  They would run forever I think!  I
took Nikita through beginner and intermediate classes at PetSmart.  She's so smart.  I am so proud of and
happy with her.


Kaya is doing well.  We have started camping and will start backpacking together,  She has her own vest so
she can pack her own food and water.  She is a great running partner.  I think she still weighs between 65-70 at
1 yr and 8months.  So I don't really see her getting as big as the parents.  She is very lean and solid.  
Wonderful loving personality and very affectionate. Here are some of the most recent pictures from camping.  It
think she looks a lot like Demon.

Kristi Kees
Hi Dawn.
I was looking at all the stuff you gave me and the one that i am supposed to send $18.50 has a address to it.
Am I supposed to send it to that address it has on the envelop or just mail it to you with that envelop?

One more thing, Romo is fine, he was trying to get out of his crate and he was biting the gate and seem like he
got stuck there for a second and cried and I held him and told him it is ok. I love him so much I do not want him
to get hurt at all. He will be ok in his crate. I tok off three days to be with him and tomorrow Thursday I go to
work and my hubby goes different times so, I will leave before him to work and he leaves around 9:00 am or 10:
00 and I come home everyday for lunch around 11:15 am and stay for a hr. then I leave and get home at 5:00
pm but, my hubby gets home before I do so, he should be at home around 4:00pm

I saw your new pics. of Tatonka and he sure is a beautiful dog. When I took Romo to his first visit to the Vet
they all love him! Thank You again. I wear the T-shirt you gave me alot.
Romo says Woof woof and will be sending pics. later!

Rachel Huebel

Hey Dawn, I have a friend that is interested in a pure white malamute. How much do those run and how long
would it be till you have one available? Let me know. Thanks! Taz is doing great . He no longer has a lazy ear
anymore :( I thought it was so cute! .....

-Donny Dinh
When you let me see your Alaskan Malamutes.  Demon is gorgeous.  Are you selling him?
He is just beautiful!
Anyway, I was telling people how cool your kennels are and how beautiful your dogs are in person. Your
malamutes are the most beautiful dogs that I've ever seen, better than the ones I've seen at the dog shows.
Do you show yours at all?
I Will send better pics. Later on.
I sure will. So, far he weights 15 1/2 Ibs. The Doctor told me he looks good. And, at the end of the month I sure
will let you know how much he weights and send more pics. of him.
He snores cute.
Thanks! He loves to play and boy, he has a good strong bark. I made another appt. to take him to the Vet the
end of this month.
He is so funny, he makes us laugh alot. He is so good in potty and peeing messes so far. He is a
good puppy.

Hi Dawn
thanks for all the stuff you sent us and help, but there maybe some times that we will need your help. i would
like to know how often should the dog eat food? Thanks Victor
Hi Dawn!
I am at work and I hate leaving Romo back at home. He got so used to me that he cries when I leave but, he is
inside his crate and my hubby Rod call me saying Romo was crying and crying and I told him to take him out for
a drink of water and go outside for his business and if he cries more after he puts him back in his kennel to
ignore him. That he will settle down and be ok, till I go for lunch.

I can't wait to take him to school to learn. And, also can't wait to take him back to the Vet the end of this month
again. He bites but, too me he is precious.. I just love him. He barks too. He wakes me up at all wee of the hrs.
but, I don't mind.

Anyway, I saw your other new litter…OMG you sold almost all of them. They are so beautiful!
OK, take care,

hello he's doing good, hes getting a hold of everything quick! We all love him a lot. We are trying to get him to
let go after he bites on your pants, he will pull an pull! And we are feeding him the Iams large breed puppy
food. Also sites for no reason when walking but most times starts coming. And we try to get the bad stuff out of
his mouth. But hes still doing good, i have sent you some pictures to see how he is doing .And how many times
do he need to walk. Keep it touch

Hi dawn! I am having fun here at my new parents home. Rod and Rachel treat me so good. I am a spoil brat.
But, Rachel wants to take me to puppy school to learn when all my shots are done.

Love, Romo
Hey dawn, Shadow is doing great, cant believe how much he has grown,  He is about 24.5 -25 inches at
shoulders and weighs around 70 lbs as of  a week ago, here are a few pictures of him that were taken roughly  
a week and a half ago.  How much do your Pup typically grow after 6 months, is it still possible for Shadow to
gain 3-4  inches in height at the shoulders between now and the time he is fully grown..  just trying to  got get
an idea of how big he will be when he is fully grown.. I think he will end up being around his dads size (saber
wolf), but i thought you might know better...

anyways here are some pictures



Here's Ranger's first step out of the car- he loved the snow!
Thank you,
Mike and Debbie

He likes to run in the back and run and I keep a close eye on him. My husband Rod and I love him so much and
Lucky just looks at him.He did bark at Romo and Romo is a tough cookie, he barked back. Yes, he has a nice
loving home. And, he is learning what "No" means and what "Good Boy" means too. He has learn already to do
his peep and poop outside. He is so good. I am taking him to Petsmart Saturday to buy him a better harness.
And, I will send you better pics. of him.

Thanks and have a good one and give all your doggies a kiss from me. I love them all!You are so lucky to have
these beautiful creatures.

here are some pic's of our puppy we named him tempest which means storm he's doing really well we have him
all set up with a vet he's a fast learner he sit's and lay's down when asked and he's finally just starting to lean
to come! well hope all is well with you and thank you very much the the best puppy ever

Jonathan & Amanda Tellason

Hi!  Romo is doing fine. He was pretty good all the way to Dallas. He fell asleep. Then coming back Houston he
was fine. I sat with him in the back and he was fine. He is a good lttle dog. I love him and so does my husband
Rod. Romo is just beautiful! I loved all your malamutes. They are gorgeous! The puppies are all beautiful and
even that cute little cat that we saw. Dawn, I am going to take him Monday if they can see me or Tuesday to my
Vet.  At what age does he get his parvo shot? I don't want him to get sick.
Thank You for showing me your kennels. I love them all and I should of taken pictures of them. Rebel has toys
already a nice warm crate with nice cozy blankets and s dish of water and his Iams large puppy food.
Is it safe for me to let a friend or two come over to see him?
Thank You again for everything
Thank You Dawn!

Here are some pictures of Zeus playing with me, I enjoy every moment with him I am really glad I have him
thanks Dawn
It is hard to believe that Kai (Kera/Demon pup) is almost 1 year old. Here is a picture of him on the left. He is
such a joy to have. His personality is so sweet and his energy is amazing.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

Carrie Raymond

here are some more pics for ya. koda's first snow experience!!! he was so funny to watch. at first he was kind
of scared to go in the snow!!

I thought you would like to see some pictures.  He is doing really good. Thanks so much..............Kristy

Hi, I'm 3 months old and looking forward to my first Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Belle!

I just wanted you to know that Kodiak is really doing good.  He is very smart, and he does really good with
everyone even the cats...  I took him to the vet so he could get his next shot.  He weighs 26.5lbs.  Thats my big
baby.  The vet said that he looks great.  I hope you like the pictures.  If I don't talk to you before Christmas, we
wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.........Thanks Kristy

You are awesome thank you very much, so far I will be waiting to see what is the deal with Shinook I am
keeping my fingers crossed. About Past Puppies for Shinook I seen that page and they look awesome I was
refering to Shinook and Saberwolf, hey but maybe those are, theys just don't say who are the parents.
I also have a question Non Red Dogs what is the price for those? are they still 1250.00 Please advise! I know a
friend that might be interested and right now he is just asking questions...
Thanks for always getting back to me, it speaks alot of you.
Thank you.

Thanx, yes he is drinking alot of water, he is a little water hound.  He is very smart, we named him Rascal.  He
comes right to his name and him and Tiffany are starting to play and play so good with each other.  I haven't
been giving him the canned food.
hello dawn,
just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that koda is doing great!! he is such a little follower!!
everywhere i go he's just a couple steps behind me! i will send you some more pics in a day or two.
p.s. he absolutely hates it when I'm on  the computer, starts barking like crazy and won't stop until I'm off!!
love, Jennifer, Madison, and koda!
hello dawn.
Well house training is going pretty well! couple accidents here and there but for the most part he just goes to
the door and starts wining. he's such a good boy! he's got sit, shake and laydown mastered so he's doing
great!! i have some pictures on the way also.


Here's a one-year-old picture of my little warrior princess. She was born last 9/29 of Kiska and Saberwolf. She
is sooo smart and very headstrong! I take her to training classes and she's always the best dog in class. She
loves to swim.

Thank you Nancy
Hey Dawn, Just wanted to say Hi  Shadow is what we Named 112, and He is doing great... He is such a cutie,
He likes to follow us around almost everywhere we go. H is a very smart puppy, He is already starting to let us
know when he needs to go outside once in a while.

We had him at the Vets yesterday, He is very Healthy the vet said. She said you guys did a great job with its
vaccinations and even the deworming you did.  anyways i will send you a couple pictures tonight of our Big guy.

Thanks again
Hi Dawn,
We thought we'd send you some pictures of Frisco in his Halloween costume.  We dressed him as the big bad
wolf. He didnt' even care that about the bonnet. What a good boy!

He is 29" at the shoulder and 116 pounds as of last week.  He's a big guy!


Katie Wright
Wanted to send you a few pics we took last week! Tikahni is doing great! We went to the park earlier and he's
worn out, napping. haha. One ear stood up on it's own a few days ago- the other is half-up and floppy, very
cute! Hes just doing great! We're moving this week into our 2-story condo, so we're very excited! I'll keep you
posted, just wanted to get some of these pics off to you! Thanks so much!
Jennifer (and Justin and Tikahni)

P.S- The pic where he's falling asleep- haha, he really likes our floor fan and sleeps in front of it! ;o)

Hey Dawn,

Just letting you know how everything is going with Blaze.  He is doing really well.  Him and Sable are best of
friends, and love to romp around the yard and house together.  He is just as stubborn as the day I got him.  He
likes to be a challenge for me.  I am sending a picture I took the other day.

Thank you so much for me missing piece in my family.  He is everything I hope for and more.

Stacy Coles
Here are some photos of Zion. As you know it it very hard to get them to stand still for good pictures  This was a
couple weeks ago. That is our family dog Seiko.They LOVE to play together. It won't be too long thoughand Zion
will outgrow Seiko!

you must have emtpy nest syndrome -- i would lol

they are a joy!!! they will be spoiled rotten for sure!

Thank you soooooooooo much!!!

Andrea & Aubrey


Jessica said she dropped you an email last night. It was an average night got up twice. He seems to like his
cage he will just go in there sometimes and sleep which is good. He is drinking plenty of water. He just seems to
pick at his food for now. I'm sure he will get his appite soon. I think him and my wife are attached to the hip. I
hope you got that fax today Jessica was sending you the vet copy. People ask were we got him and I always
put a plug in for you. You have been great to work with and I know me and Jessica look forward to the years to
come working with you answering all of are questions. We will talk to you soon.

John Duke

Hi Dawn just wanted to let you know everything went good last night,  \

We were wondering how much you were feeding him and how often, so we can keeo him on the same schedule




how are you? well we are doing great!! koda is such a playful and loving little guy! in the last picture he was
trying to get the treats out of my pocket. he has his visit at the vet today and we have to go get him a new collar
today cause he completely tore the other one to shreds! he's doing really well going potty in his spot. he is
such a joy to have and again thank you so much he is a wonderful pup!!!  Jennifer

HI Dawn,
Here a few pictures of my brother, Cody, puppy Frisco, a Saberwolf & Kodi pup.  He loves playing in the kiddi
pool with the other dogs. He's a sweet boy, we really enjoy him!
As of Friday, he weighed 116 pounds and is 27" at the shoulder... Thanks again!

Hi Dawn,
We love Ruby. She is a pretty little girl. She really is good in the house. I am
working with her to go pot outside instead of on papers in the house. T he
difference between her and Shawnee, are like night and day! Shawnee doesn't know
what to think of her yet. Of course, she is jealous of Ruby. I keep Ruby in the
house because of the heat,97 outside right now. I keep Shawnee in my barn in a
kennel where it's cool. Shawnee does not like water! I spray her down when it's
this hot and she doesn't like it at all!! I've tried the kiddle pool idea, and
she just drinks the water instead of getting in it. Of course I bring her in the
house during the hottest part of the day.
I just thought you would like to know how she is doing.....

It's been a while since we've talked!  I took some pictures of Kuzco yesterday, but the photos are on my sister's
camera.  Once we get them uploaded I'll make sure I email them to you.  He's loving being an outside dog but
the flies have been pretty bad here this summer.  Do you do anything special for your dogs ears?  That's
where he gets bit up the most.  It's awful.  I take him with me to my parents so he doesn't have to stay outside
all day and get eaten up.   Anyway...he's good.  Digging a couple holes, one hole repeatedly in the same spot.  
I'm just glad he hasn't destroyed the yard.  :)  He's done a very good job out at the farm, but still loves those
horses.  He plays chase with Sundance.  It's actually pretty funny because Sundance doesn't normally tolerate
dogs.  And Kuzco got his first glimpse of deer yesterday from my car.  Luckily I had the window rolled up
enough cuz he wanted to check those things out!  It was a mama and her twin babies.  Anyway, I checked out
the site.  I hadn't been there in a while.  Avalanche is beautiful!  He's growing up nicely.  Can't wait to see the
new litters!


dawn, she is a wonderful pup. very smart and a talker!! she has a great little personality also.  many thanks


Just wanted to say thanks.  Maya is awesome.  She is getting along with Oliver
very well.  You were right she is a good girl.  Exactly the temprament I was
looking for. She had her first Vet appt. today and she checks out well.   I'll take
some pictures of her in her new digs and send them to you soon.

Mary Fran

Some pics. He is doing fine. He is about 50lbs right now, and a little over 4 months old.

Thanks Dan
Hey Dawn! I just took my monthly look at your website and thought I'd give you an update on Suka. He's
holding his own. His weight  around 70 lbs. He's still so beautiful and so smart, and we adore him.  Boy,he
knows he's king of the house!!!! Skye is larger than Suka, but they looks so much alike. I've never seen so
much expression in a dog's eyes as Suka. He can let you exactly what he's thinking with a look. He can give an
"evil eye" when he's not happy about something...and if I put my hands on my hips to discipline him, he is
hilarious...he starts talking and hopping around..literally hopping from side to side..until I take my hands off my
hips and pet him. He is really Mr. Personality.  I just don't know what I would do without him!!! I've got some
really good pictures of him, but I can't figure out how to send them to you without the pictures being so huge
that you can't see all of it without scolling all over the place. I may just print some and mail them to you. I love
the tribute you have set up for Kera. It makes me cry every time I read it. It is amazing how these wonderful
animals can grab hold of your heart and fill you with so much love. Well, take care and I'll keep in touch. Hope
all is well with you and yours!

I just wanted to let you know how Bruce is doing?  This picture is kinda old.  I'll try to get some more current
pics here so.  Anyways, Bruce is doing great.  He is well behaved and everyone loves him.  He is about 65lbs
right now and seems to grow everyday.  Right now he is super energetic.  He loves to run around the backyard
and it is a chore to keep him from eat frogs and chasing deer.  
Well thats all i got right now.
Hello Dawn here is some new pictures of tacoma. As you can see he is huge weighed in today at 112 pnds.
And the biggest baby you could imagine. He is the most playful pup all he ever wants to do is play. He is a blast
to be around but very big and stuborn . Our family could not imagine life without him. sorry its ben awhile but
life can tend to take off on ya but winter is comming soon hope you enjoy the pics.

Hi Dawn,

It was nice talking to you tonight.  The kids are doing fine.  Both havebeen fixed and are done with their shots til
next year.  Here are the pix that I have been meaning to send.  The ones with just Baldur and Freyja were
taken last week.  Baldur has the red collar and Freyja has the green. The one with Loki in it is to show their size
and we took that one tonight.  We tried to get a picture of the reds in the sun but they just would not sit
still long enough.  I will keep trying. :)

I will keep sending pictures as the pups get older and tell you how big they
are as they grow.

Take care!
hi, dawn I don't know if you remember us, but you sold us one of mystics/demons past pups. Flicka was about 3
months when we got her and now is about to turn 9 months in october the 9th.She is such a wonderful pup and
has changed our lives tremendously. Here are some of her pictures! hope you like them!  

Sorry to here about Kera.  I can imagine how much she will be missed.  I was in tears reading your website
because I know when our dogs pass it will be very difficult to handle.  I hope you continue to breed more black
and white malamutes.
Here is one of the latest photos of Kai. He loves the water! We took him to the beach last month and he had
such a blast that we had to get him a pool for at home! He is growing like a weed and almost as tall as our 9
year old Malamute. Even though he is starting to look like a dog, he still has that adorable puppy face.

Carrie and David Raymond
You can definitely use the pictures for your web site. Seiya is doing great. She is such a happy girl and quite a
love bug. She kisses you so much and so hard that some times it hurts. She loves our other husky/malamute
Neeko. Neeko is 16 months.  He is like a big brother to her. She wants to follow him everywhere. Sometimes
Neeko gets annoyed with her but also loves to "play wrestle" with her. We take both our dogs to a park nearby
where Neeko has been going to since we got him at 12 weeks. We have quite a dog group there and Seiya fit
right in. She loves play wrestling with the other dogs and chasing them. Neeko loves to be chased and Seiya
loves chasing him. When she chases him she bites his tail to bring him down. So now Neeko tries to run with his
tail between his legs. But it doesn't always work Seiya is getting faster. Seiya is also getting used to the water.
We have a little kiddy pool that she likes to get into. When we take them to the beach Seiya is starting to get in
the ocean with Neeko. Pretty soon she'll be jumping in the waves with Neeko.
Seiya weighed 73 pounds at her last vet visit last month. She was a little chunky when we first got her so we've
been trying to get her more trim like the vet advised us. She runs so much I'm surprised she hasn't lost more
weight than what she has. But she seems very healthy and happy.
We will send more pictures-especially some from the beach.
Take care,
James and Cheryl Spencer

HI Dawn,

Here are a couple new pictures of Freyja and Baldur.  She is 4 months old
and weighs 37 pounds and he is 3 months old and weighs about the same.  I
just took her in Tuesday to have her spayed but she was out wrestling with
the other 2 Wednesday morning.  Both are potty trained now and accidents are
few and far between ( but Baldur did NOT want to leave his A/C vent and was
a bear to train! )and they start puppy kindergarten in a couple weeks.  I
will let you know how that goes as it proves to be interesting!  I am
switching their dog food.  Freyja's coat is drying out on the Eukanuba so I
am switching them to Innova Large Breed Puppy which has no wheat or corn in
it.  They seem to like it better too since they dig it out of the Eukanuba
when I mix it.

WE were also curious about Freyja's color.  The colors are pretty true in
the picture on my LCD and she is turning a darker red.  Andy was wondering
if Saberwolf was ever that dark.  It will be interesting in the next few
months to see what color she and Baldur turn out!

We want to thank you so much for the pups.  They are wonderful and we love
them--so does Loki! It has made dealing with the loss of Odin so much more
bearable having the 2 of them and Loki is totally out of his funk and
happier than he has been in months.  I will keep sending pictures as they
grow and when they reach adult height/weight I will let you know how big
they are.

Thanks so very much!

Hi! How are you? I'm not sure if you remember us but we got a puppy from Mystic and Demons litter back in
March 2007! I'm so sorry we hadn't sent you any pictures once we moved. Ryan, was deployed to Iraq in May
and he took our digital camera with him! But I did want to send you some more pictures....
We absolutely LOVE Klaus. He is a big beast of a dog but he is fun. He and his sister, Beau, romp and play all
day. And I'm proud to say I taught him how to shake. But he thinks it's a game. He thinks if he shakes my hand
he gets more food, or more treats, or to come in and eat my socks....
He has grown so much since I picked him up! I can't even remember him being under 30lbs and that was only 4
months ago! But here are some pictures. I'm hoping to get my own digital camera in the next few weeks...So I
will send more pictures later on!
We cannot thank you enough. Our Klaus is a goober but we love him! And we wouldn't trade him for anything
in the world!

Thank You Again!
Best Regards,

Errin Kunkel
HI Dawn,
Here a few pictures of my brother, Cody, puppy Frisco, a Saberwolf & Kodi pup.  He loves playing in the kiddi
pool with the other dogs. He's a sweet boy, As of Friday, he weighed 116 pounds and is 27" at the shoulder...
he's a big boy! we really enjoy him! Thanks again!
Hi Dawn,

Kodi is such a good girl.  Here she is with her new bud Azar.  They get along fine.  Thanks so much and I'll be
sending more pictures soon

Here is one of the latest photos of Kai. He loves the water! We took him to the beach last month and he had
such a blast that we had to get him a pool for at home! He is growing like a weed and almost as tall as our 9
year old Malamute. Even though he is starting to look like a dog, he still has that adorable puppy face.

Carrie and David Raymond

the other day I was looking at Makya laying in the backyard catching some sun and talking to my mother on the
phone. and I started to noticed that she had something weird going on with her fur. I knocked on the window
and makya got up and I had mentioned to my mother that her fur looked weird. so now im starting to think that
she has been biting herself and that she needs ANOTHER bath because she has fleas or some horrible skin
problem. I walk outside and im still talking to my mother. and my mother starts to laugh at me! im telling her that
Makya's fur is falling off and she is laughing at me! my mother couldn’t control herself, but she was able to tell
me between her laughing at me that Makya was shedding her winter coat. and that there was nothing wrong
with I know that you are laughing at me...I almost started to freak out that Makya was sick and was
going to lose all her fur!
the thought of her shedding her fur never entered my mind! I gave her a good bubble bath in my whirlpool bath
(the things you do for your dog), a good brushing and blow-dried her hair. she loved it! but let me tell you! the
fur that she shed was horrible! there was soooooooo much of it!  but now I know she doesn’t have a horrible
skin/fur problem!

Always a good time for a

Hi Dawn:
It's been a while since we have spoken. So much has been going on with me. Changes changes. But
everything is okay. Rayne is great!! She is soooo big! and sooo pretty. I will take a picture of her tonight and
send it to you. She is absolutely Kera's daughter. But god is she spoiled rotten and very very moody. She
curses me out alot. We curse each other out actually. She is very fresh with her mouth. lol.I will send you a


He is great great dog i cant say words on how much he means to me he has a wonderful personality and now
weighs 105 pounds of pure love il send more pictures soon.

thanks  Tim

Dawn, I am so sorry to hear about Kera. I read your memorial to her and cried like a baby. She was a truly
beautiful girl and I know it broke your heart to lose her. How is Demon doing? When I lost my Mal Yusiff, I had
an Afghan that was his best friend. She cried for days...just could tell her heart was totally broken.
Suka does look just like Kera...their faces are identical..even the expression in their eyes. I hope it brings you
peace to know that she lives on through her beautiful pups. And I hope Skye can help fill the void in your heart.

Please know my thoughts are with you and I am so sorry for your loss. Rosemary

hello again,
Makenzie is doing great, she has the best personality
by far. she's very much like her mother kodi and
weighs 88 lbs. she's good and healthy. thanks again,
great malamute.
i am interested in another female, most likely in  in
kiska's litter in september. i will probably put a
deposit down. give me a little while to think it over
and i will get back to you. thank you for your time!!

thanks again


Hi dawn just wanted to say hello i am working a lot lately so had not had a lot of time to write you but i wanted to
let you know tacoma is doing so well he is my big baby and now has reached 101 pounds and all is great we all
love him so much and he loves us he so spoiled actualy its so hot here i been keeping both of them in the ac
most of the day were going hiking this weekend il send you some fresh pictures

talk to ya soon Tim

Hi, we just wanted to send some pictures of Flicka so you could see how she's doin. She's a great puppy. It
wasn't hard to get attached to her she's great. We just love her

Hi Dawn,
Here are some pics of the baby. They are Tikaani & Hookah, Tikaani on
the way home, Tikaani at the lake & Tikaani with Sofie.
She loved the lakehouse. Yesterday she discovered the joys of talking to
her squeeze ball and it talks back.
Today her and Hookah were really playing together. She gets back and
just pounces at him. Then Hookah throws his ball up in the air and makes
her play chase with him. They are already quite a pair.
Tika loves Chance (our older dog) but he is just not very up to playing
with a puppy. But she still trys and pulls on his tail and such.
So far Sofie and Squeek are just trying to ignore her.
\Good luck with that.
Anyway, she is such a joy. The boys just love her. Take care and I will
update you from time to time and send some pics as she grows up.
HI Dawn...Here are Riggs' 6 month pictures.  He goes in for booster shots tomorrow so Ill get his weight then.  
Your new puppies are soooo cute.  We have been talking about getting a little girl maybe next year after Riggs
is completely out of puppy-hood.  Maybe a red and white???? How much longer will saberwolf be siring



Attached is a picture of Layka at 7-months.  She just loves the water.  The picture attached was just taken this
week where she found the step into the pool.  She will put her front paws in and just splash, dunking her head
almost to the next step.  She has now learned to get all her body on the top step and she'll just sit there and
splash around.  She is the most gentle dog we own.  She is much more laid back than our (3) other Siberian
Huskies.  They all get along great and they take good care of our puppy.  Thank you.

Mike & Robin McDonald

hi dawn
this is Fred call i received autumn as a gift over a year ago. Since then i have moved on in life.  Autumn has
followed with me.  Shes with me on a 98 acre farm and shes doing well. Shes about 95 pounds or so at i think
18 months. She howled for the first time the other day. Shes become quit the lady and trouble maker.  Her
colors have formed well and shes really filled out in the last 3 months. I'm 5 11 and she can just about look me
in the face. She sleeps with me at night and is very much her poppies daughter as they say.  One of her
favorite things is to steal my snapples iced tea.  She loves to run up and down the brook here.    I've sent a
couple of pics for you.  One of them is her with Hoops a 4 month old jack Russell of my buddies.  She loves the
little dods and kids.  Thanks for the amazing dog and friend

Fred call

p.s autumn is very mouthy when it comes to letting you know whats up.  shes not quiet about it.  she has this
thing about tossing her head and grumbling at you and walking off.


I'm checking out your site and Tatonka is my favorite. He is adorable!  I love this one. Can't wait to see him next
time we're up. Avalanche is a beauty too. I'll keep in touch the closer Kodi gets to her due date. Bye for now,


yesterday morning at around 11:30 I was in the shower when I heard banging on the front door.. The front door
is on the opposite end of the house. I got out, put on a robe, and went to the door to take a peek through the
curtains to see who was there. Some man I've never seen before was banging away. He was late 20's or mid
30's. And there was no reason for his behaviour. Quite frankly, it was unsettling so I opted not to answer the
door. I checked the locks and was turning away when I noticed the kitchen curtains were pulled back giving
anyone a clear view of the kitchen, living room and hallway should they happen to walk to the side of the house
to peek through. While the door locked I quickly walked into the kitchen and closed the curtains. I wasn't
halfway out of the kitchen when I heard loud foot steps walking towards the kitchen bay window.

My phone is back in the master bedroom so I head in there to pick up the phone thinking I may have to call the
cops. I wasn't in there more than 20 seconds when I hear 2 men's voices outside of the bedroom window.
They're banging on the fence now hard.  I'm thoroughly confused but again, I don't know either and I sure as
hell wasn't about to open any doors for them. Right before I began to call 9-1-1 I thought I'd better check on the
pups first. They were outside. There is a door in my bedroom that leads to the backyard. I looked behind the
curtain and saw all three were laying on the patio peacefully. I quickly registered a head count of all three pups
outside and then mentally went back through my mind and accounted for Sable, Skittle, Trooper and the cats
(haha. I'm such parent!). I'd just finished when all of sudden I *hear* 2 men climb over the fence and land in the
yard!! You can tell they're angry and determined to get in the house.

But Logan heard the noise, too. He leaped up from where he was resting and high tailed it around the house to
the side of the yard where the men were (not visible from the patio). Tumpka and Keely were close behind.
Seriously, it couldn't have taken more than 3 seconds for them to circle to the side of the house. But all of
sudden you can hear "Holy SH*T!! DOGS!!!" from one guy while the other is saying "Move, move, MOVE!!!" as
they scaled the fence again. This time to get out.

Logan isn't a wooer. He isn't a talker. Ever. But the boy is a guard dog and will bark at anything he sees moving
on the other side of his fence. He was barking like mad at these men. And as they were halfway over the fence
he jumped up and looked like he was about to bite one of them on ass. But maybe I'm just being hopeful.  He
was probably still barking and with his mouth open he looked like he was going to bite. But who knows. If it
fooled me it definitely fooled them!!!

Tumpka and Keely didn't do anything but I'm sure their presence was enough to be frightening. Intimidation by
size and number! Oh yeah! They let Logan handle things. And he did very well. I still don't know who those men
were or what they wanted. Especially at 11:30 on a Saturday morning?? But I went ahead and called the police
and they sent someone over to check things out and let me file a report. I don't normally freak out over things
but these two men must have been on drugs. There's no other explanation for the way they were acting. I still
don't know who they are or what they wanted. The whole thing was mostly disturbing simply because I live in a
very good neighborhood. Safe. And I'm right in town, not way out in the country. In the 7 years that I've lived
here I've never experienced anything like this but I'm glad Logan was outside at the time. Had he been inside I
wouldn't have dare let him out.

I'm SOOOO proud of Logan!! Once the men were gone I walked outside to give my Logo-Bear a hug. He gave
a few good barks at the fence for good measure before strutting his stuff slowly back to me. Head high and
chest puffed out.  He was very happy with himself.

I gave him a couple of extra raw chicken breasts for lunch as a reward. He is a good boy, my Logan.


Hello! How's it going? Things are going great here! Klaus is growing like a weed and does the strangest things
with his ears. Ryan calls it the I hear aliens look.
We did have a question for you though....We were on the web page because we love to look at the puppy
pictures and just read your info on training...And we saw that there were still two females left from Mystic's litter.
We were wondering what the overall price would be including shipping. We are interested but we just wanted to
know what the price would be and how much everything would cost. But I guess to find out if the price would or
wouldn't change and if they were still available....
What can we say? We love our puppies...
Give us a call or send an email....

Thanks a bunch

Errin and Ryan

I took him to the vet's about two
weeks ago, and he weighed 29 pounds.  My wife,
Lani, says he looks bigger in the evening when she
gets home from work than he did in the morning.
He's a monster.

Douglas Tozier
Dawn, Taka is doing very well.  He has the voracious
appetite, and would eat himself sick if permitted.
The enclosed picture shows Taka at his post, by
the kitchen door.  My wife puts albums together
of our pictures, and she put a caption on this one.

I'll send more as time goes on and he gets bigger.

Douglas Tozier
Here is pics from today and i have to agree he is the greatest his personality is just so much fun he is like the
class clown all he does is make me laugh

Hi Dawn,
Just wanted to give you an update.  Malakai (Kera/Demon puppy) is doing well.  He is very smart and able to do
lots of tricks.  However he is a typical Mal and is stubborn and has selective hearing.  You said he was laid
back at your kennel, but here in NC, he is rambunctious and always needs to be entertained.  He is getting
along well with our other animals, but he is still testing his rank in the pack.  I took him to the vet this week . He
is just over 20 lbs now and getting so big.  It is amazing how fast they grow.  I'll attach pictures to my next
email.  How are the other puppies from his litter doing?  Hope you are doing well.


Hi Dawn, its me Sean Johnson..I bought Odin a little over half a year ago (he was born on fathers day) and i
still havet been able to register him because he kind of tore up his papers...i would like to know if you could
email me a copy or something, sorry about the inconvenience.=(  
I've been having trouble with Odin. I run him every day on my bike for 2 miles but he always has enough energy
to dig up all my moms plants, and tear up the side of the house, chew on the planks in the porch, chew a
hundred holes in the water hose, rip out the sprinkling system, and bite some cords (covered by a green circle
with a hole in it) in the grass.. I've tried getting him new toys, burring poop in the holes, getting him bones,
playing with him for two hours a day, putting rocks in the holes(which got me injured for track season, but that
was my fault), and exercising the heck out of him.
I'm just really stressed out because my mom is threatening to give him away, and I have to pay for all the
damages he's done...nobody helps me out with him AT ALL!! Its just alot for a fourteen year old.
I dot like complaining but what kind of dog runs away,first chance it gets from an owner that loves him to death,
takes care of him, plays with him, runs with him, grooms him, pets him like crazy etc.. I'll give him a little freedom
and he'll bolt in the opposite direction from me as fast as he can and he'll look back. Stop. And keep running.
I don't mean to dumb you out but i really need some help or else I might have to sell him or something...please
write back

Sean Johnson (desperate owner of Odin)


thank you for sending me a message back... My cell phone number is -----------but i get my minutes back at the
end of the month. If i run Odin 4 miles do you think he'll be a little less destructive? Anyway thank you for caring
about me and Odin, its a big relief someone is there. I'll take a couple pictures and send them to you. Thank
you so much

From Sean Johnson

Here are the pictures of Frisco.  There are a couple of him the day we got him playing in the snow.   
The last ones are taken the 23rd of march.. He weighed 58lbs. on the 23rd.  He gets along good with the other
dogs, and he loves to play with my 3and 1 1/2 year old nieces.  Thanks for a great puppy.


Hi there....Well on our last visit (Monday) Riggs weighed 48.5 lbs at 4 months.  Our vet wants us  ease up on
the food and try to thin him out a little.  i guess I was feeding him too much.  I was going by the directions on the
package and giving him 5 cups per day, but the vet said he only needs 3.5 to 4.  Riggs does not understand
why he doesnt get the extra cup anymore.  I have included some pics.
Talk to you soon..Megan

Good morning to you, I haven’t talked with you in awhile. Walker is fine . Just spoiled out of his mind. We
switched to a homemade food. I think I told you my cousin was feeding a homemade diet but she finally
convinced me to try it too. Now I’m glad I did with all of these food problems coming up. If anyone is interested
we use Sojoun Farms food first. Then I started making my own up with oatmeal as the base. He gets a cup of
raw meat with the mix everyday. They poop only once a day and it cleans their teeth naturally. I use ground
turkey but you can use beef or chicken. Which ever your dog likes best. I add some vegetables too. They can
also have the small tip off of a chicken or turkey wing-raw. I said I was never doing this but after the food mess
going on I am really glad I did. You new web site looks great by the way.  Karen

Hey Dawn!
How are you? We made it to Washington! It was a looong drive but Klaus did fantastic. He's growing like a weed
and a handful.  I've attached some pictures for you to see....
He's such a great puppy. I give Ryan a hard time about being a puppy parent, especially to a malamute. We've
got him on the road to being's taking some time but our other puppy is showing him the ropes.
I think he's put on a good ten to fifteen pounds since we got him... I haven't weighed him yet but that's what
were guessing.
How's everything at the Kennels? I know you were expecting some pups... well actually a whole lot of pups!
We hope all is well. Now that were settling in we'll try to send pics every week or so.....
Enjoy the photos! We'll send more...

Best Wishes,
Ryan and Errin
Beau and Klaus

Hi Dawn,
Melissa Hernandez
Brad Pierson

Sorry we got off on a bad note.  Our puppies are great and we are very pleased with them.  They are my pride
and joy.  Our puppies came from Demon and Shinook (July`06) they look just like Demon.  There names are:
male- Cujo (very fittng for looks and size) but of course he loves and loves to be loved
female- Sitka shes my little angel...shes all hugs and kisses
Just wanted to send you some pics and let you know they are doin great!!!
Thank you for breeding such beautiful babies!
-Melissa Hernandez

i am inlove with your new puppy!!!

can't wait until you get to bring him home. anyway that he can make a detour to my house first??

will you PLEASE do me a favor? I am looking for a grey or *light* sable pup. I really want one from your kennel,
preferably from tatonka if it works out that way. i guess it depends on how he developes as he matures, but i
really like his parents and he is a gorgeous boy. love the markings and all the fur. I will put a deposit down a
year in advance if i need to. i want a female with breeding rights since I won't be breeding Keely. I want one of
the biggest pups. =)

I just want to let you know what I'm looking for so that you can keep me in mind. I think we have very similar
tastes. If you would, keep me in the loop (you already do) as they grey and let me know your breeding plans for
them. Pick of the litter would be nice, but I understand that you may owe a puppy to another breeder and you
may be pulling yourself. but i want the chance to choose before the pups are claimed to pet-only homes. you

gosh. i just took another peek at your new boy. he is going to be gorgeous.


had her x-rayed from the back. her bones are PERFECT. the legs are fine, the hips are amazing. Then we took
another x-ray of her from the side. Again, no problems. all of her bones are fine and there were no shadows on
either x-ray.
Well tacoma turned 6 months old the other day and to let you know he weighed in at 78 .8 pounds we now
nicknamed him Kong LOL  he is a big lazy Glug

Just a quick note along with the pictures.  We are thouroughly enjoying our new little (not so little now) puppy.  
We took him into the vet last week for his shots--he weights 30 pounds.  Wow.
Thanks again for all of the work that you did getting him to us.  We
We have a 5 year old who thought the name was great.
Also, I wanted to know about the  micro chip info that you included in our paperwork.  
Has the puppy been microchipped already?  The vet here is recommending it if it isn't already done.  
If so, did you guys do it or was it done somewhere else.  
Thanks Diane
Hi! I finally got a new camera, but I haven't figured it out completely  yet. I think I'm sending you a picture of
Suka taken a couple of days ago. He's so gorgeous! Let me know if you can open it up!
Thanks  Rosemary
Dawn- Hi! I was wondering about the red pups. I haven't seen anything about them on your site for a few days. I
was just wondering about them. I know that they were suppose to be born sometime this month. I have been
telling Eric that I would like one for Valentine's Day....But he isn't sure about getting another girl. He was saying
that females don’t get along together. I think that he is just trying to get me to say yes to another boy dog.
anyways let me know. thanks, Margarita --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Beautiful bunch of Mystic puppies!  I *love* female one.  That white mark is so cool!   Laura

Dawn~   Thank you so much! It is such a pleasure to talk with and be able to purchase a puppy from someone
who loves Malamutes! My husband and I are so excited! Below you'll find all of our information. I've also
included my husband's phone number in case he has any questions.   And we will definitely make plans to
come out for a visit in February! Please keep us updated and if you have any advice we'll be so grateful for
any help!    Thank you!Blessings and best wishes!Ryan and Errin Kunkel

Thanks for calling and thinking of us. I'm going now to pick up Julia at the airport,
so I know she'll be excited to see the pictures of the puppy when we get back.
See you soon,

Dawn: Thanks a lot! She is really cute. We can't wait to see her.Louis

Dawn, It is amazing how quickly they change!  Are they up and walking around now?  
Thanks for the pictures!  I can't wait to see more! Carrie
Hi Dawn, I just wanted to give you an update on Bear.   
He is growing quickly and becoming a very important member of our family.
He loves to play with the kids; however,
he is so much stronger than my little girls he sometimes knocks them down and they don't understand.
My son, Logan, loves playing with him and teaching him how to fetch the ball.
Bear loves our backyard.  It is large and fenced in so he can run wild in this chilly air.   
His coat is losing alot of his light tan colors and turning very dark, almost black.
I am attaching a picture I just took of him in the kitchen.   
We are still working on the potty training so he spends alot of time on the tile flooring.  
He is doing pretty good except he forgets occassionally and just decides to pee whenever he wants...
We love him and he is a very sweet puppy...
Thanks, Becky Price


just wanted to say hi and i  Was talking to my husband about you last night and he loves Sabrewolf.  Thinks
he's the best looking red ever!  Hope you are having a good day, and that you are selling puppies like crazy.  
Talk to you soon.


Hi ya dawn how are ya doing we are all great here tacoma is doing great and growing fast he is just looking
huge he has a look about him that he is going to be just humungous LOL but just a great great realationship
we have made together i love him and cannot get enough of him actualy we went to a dog sled demo sunday
everybody loved my dogs . i really am getting involved in the dog sledding aspect i love it. but
thanks Tim

thought that you would like to have this picture of Makya and Nik. She is such a big part of our family. she has
all kinds of toys and she is just as spoiled as the kids.
Happy New Years

Hi dawn happy new year i wanted to say hello i recieved all my pappers everything is going great tacoma is
getting huge  he weighed 38 pounds and is doing so good he is great pup we love him very much il send you
more pictures soon thank you again for everything Tim ps call anytime i loved our talks


Sorry I haven’t sent any pictures sooner it has been a busy six months.  I fractured my hip and will have surgery
next month.  Indy is a joy.  He and Asta are best buddies.  We have found a wonderful place called Camp Bow
Wow for when we go out of town.  Indy and Asta are their favorite two dogs.  When Tom says lets go to Camp
Bow Wow the both run to the door to grab their leashes.  It makes me a little jealous, but there are always
excited to see us when we come home.  Indy is a Daddy’s boy and follows Tom everywhere when he comes
home from work.  He is very well mannered and has not torn up any Christmas decorations.  Some of our
bedroom furniture and the deck haven’t faired as well but you can’t have everything.  The dogs are definitely
worth it.

He is not aggressive nor is he a humper .

Thank you very much for allowing us to buy Indy.  I have attached a few pictures.  I couldn’t send them all in
one message so I will send a couple.  I hope you enjoy them.   

Cindy Flesher

Isn't she getting big. She is sooo pretty. I love Rayne so much. She is the best dog I could have. She is smart
and energetic. It's really like having
a best friend in the house with me. I can sit and talk to her like she is my right hand partner. I can not wait to get
things in tact so I can get her a brother
to share my love with. She is my little love.


Kera had hers!  Yay!  How many did she have and what were they?  It's sort of sad that she won't have puppies
anymore.  Kuzco is just so awesome.

I almost want that male that hasn't gone yet from the other litter.  James doesn't know that though.  And I just
don't think we can swing it this time of the year.

I can't wait to see new pictures!


Thanks for the update, Dawn. We appreciate it. We look forward to seeing her in a few weeks, when Julia gets
back in town. Whenever you take newer pictures, be sure to send us some.

Thanks again,


Hey Dawn! Leeloo is growing so fast. Her ears are already standing up and she is getting big. She is also
learning very fast. She loves going out for walks, and absolutely loves to run along side of me, haha she can
almost run as fast as I can. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great and I also wanted to thank you
-Daniel Dixon


Just a quick note along with the pictures.  We are thouroughly enjoying our new little (not so little now) puppy.  
We took him into the vet last week for his shots--he weights 30 pounds.  Wow.  Thanks again for all of the work
that you did getting him to us.  We named him Koda--from the Disney movie Brother Bear.  We have a 5 year
old who thought the name was great.  Also, I wanted to know about the  micro chip info that you included in our
paperwork.  Has the puppy been microchipped already?  The vet here is recommending it if it isn't already
done.  If so, did you guys do it or was it done somewhere else.  


Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to let you  know that Bear is doing great.  He is having a blast
with my 3 kids.  Right now, he is taking a nap in his kennel in our kitchen and
did not cry at all.  He must be pretty tired
He is doing fine with our older Siberian Husky.  He likes to follow her
Thanks again for the puppy and I am attaching 2 pictures I was able to snap
Talk to ya soon,


Dawn- well here are pics of Makya. she is doing great. Eric came home on Dec 9 and fell in love with her. we
got her spayed this past week. we arent into more puppies! lol she is very smart. I have noticed that she isnt
into human food. she will watch us eat but isnt begging! I think that is great


Kiska and Sabers male puppy is gorgeous.I would love to have him but I'm holding out for
the red and white. Koda and Myah are doing great.I love them so much,they are so smart
and it is so much fun to watch them play.They love the big squeek toys from Walmart.
They hide them and steal them from each other . Thanks for the Christmas card and
Merry Christmas to your bunch as well.I'll send some pics of the mals after Christmas when
I have some new ones.


Hi Dawn,
Tundra is doing really great. The weather has warmed up and I am glad for that. It has been just around
freezing. We have a dog run and house right here by the house and we have been putting Tundra out there off
and on through out the day. She is sleeping in the house at night.
She is doing really great . She and my daughter Esther spend a lot of time together.
Well I guess that is all. I just wanted to  let you know she is doing really well. Talk to you later.


The puppy is doing great. Hes so cute and getting along with cinders so well. They play alot together and love
to sleep together. Sometimes I have to seperate them because they just wont leave each other alone. But for
the most part there doing great together. Anyhow we hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year.  
ho ho ho


Caesar is doing well, potty training has gone fairly well I guess, he seems to have gotten the idea. He sits,
kinda stays, shakes, high fives, and sometimes lays down. Diet consists of IAMS puppy, sticks, and whatever
else he can shred. He really likes the chew-toy that the paper-girl brings him every morning. Caesar's alot of
fun and has the run of the property, inside and out. I think he's trying to take over my bed, at least my wifes
side of it.

Yes all is great pup is healthy as a horse i love tacoma very much


Thanks for my sweet baby boy. Logan is such a great mal. Just the nicest dog you will ever meet.

I will be taking pictures today and will send those to you as soon as possible.

I already made his cake and some pupcakes earlier this week, and i spent an hour decorating them this
morning because whatever I put on the cake Logan had to sample. :)

I can't believe he is ONE already. time is just flying by much too quickly.


Hi dawn im getting very excited the pups should arrive soon just saying hi

He is great he cried for 5 min then slept till about 4am he woke me up to go out so i knew if i put him in he
would cry he gets pretty loud so i just laid on the floor and he crawled up by my head and he slept with me fine
we love him he plays with the female fine she is i bit rough so i watch him close but all is great.but here is more

talk soon Tim

Here he is at his new home wondering what all this white stuff is lol he loves eating it


How are things? Avalanche is lookin good.  Koda is in heat again. This times a lot
different then the first time.I can't trust her to be loose anymore.She wants to go to the nieghbors house and
they have a male Aussie. Isn't that ironic?
Myah got a big piece of straw or something in her paw between her toes.I had her at the vet
this morning.He flushed it out with saline and put a antibiotic thing between her toes and
bandaged her paw.She's on an antibiotic and is doing fine now. When you have time ,send me a recent pic of
Avalanche.He's a beautiful boy. I'll touch base with you again soon. Just wanted to say hi.


Hi Dawn,
I love him, he is so beautiful. I sent some pictures, Ill send more later.  He cries at night, but within a few minutes
he settles down and goes to sleep. HEs a part of us already,

thank you.
P.S. theres one of me and him, hes sweet.

We named her Tundra. She is doing great. She really likes the kids. She isn't so sure about the snow. She
seems to like it though. She eats it when she goes outside. I have a little Westi Terrier and the two of them
have been getting to know eachother. Tundra is a little afraid of her but I am sure that won't last long. I wanted
to try and get some pictures of her out in the snow today. It is finally above 0 and I am glad. We will talk to you

Wow, she is extremely pretty! I am really looking forward to the day when I get to pick up and introduce her to
her new home. It's not too much longer now! Thanks for regularly updating the photos so I get to see how much
she already is growing. Hopefully I can stop by your place soon and see her again...
-Daniel Dixon

Those puppies are just gorgeous.  You need to have a batch just like that when we're ready for another one.  
;)  haha.  Male 6 looks huge!  And that pic of female 7 just cracks me up!  She looks so dainty!  Beautiful pups,

I'm wondering if Kuzco is about to blow his coat.  I big tuft fell off of him today when James got home.  We'll see I
guess.  He's doing great...he's almost ONE!  I cannot believe it.  I remember seeing him in that crate for the first
time, just a little fluff ball.  Time flies.  I just love him.  You guys do such a good job.  


Yeah I was very happy to see her ears standing, Ithink its so cute because her ears look alot bigger then her
head right now so I call her my little bat girl.  Im very happy with her right now. Only problem we are having is
that shes not using news paperanymore and she likes to peepee on the carpet. I think shes alittle confused.
But if we go outside with her to use the bathroom she does great. I think shes having trouble telling the
difference between the paper and the carpet.
Im pretty sure that seiya likes it here too. LOL she goes everywhere with us if we get in the car. An she wont
stop following me. Shes alittle scared of people it seems so she hides behind me all the
The costume I got her was alittle bat costume but im thinking about dressing her up as a pumpkin.
The baby is due on thanksgiving but the doctors think im going to have him next month because everyone in my
family has had their children a month early. I did however just get out of the hospital last weekend
because I was having contractions every 2 hours. But ill keep you informed on whats going on :)
An ill be sending you some pics :)

Thanks again

Hello :)

Its Dedra, I wanted to tell you the exciting news. This morning Mike took Seiya to work with him (she loves going
there with us) and when he came home for lunch with her, Seiya had a big suprize for me. Her ears are
standing up now :)  I just happen over night. Im going to be giving her a bath (shes kind of dirty from his work)
Then ill be taking a picture of her for you so you can see her ears, and ill be sending another one later on of
her in her halloween costume that we got for her. I just wanted to keep ya updated :)



Dawn! The pictures are cute. I think Skye and Suka are pretty close in size. He's getting really tall. From Skye's
pictures, I think they are about the same height. I'll measure Suka standing and send it to you. I had thought
last Saturday was his vet appointment, but it's this coming Saturday. I think he's over 20 lbs. He's solid as a
rock. I have to wrap both arms around his belly to pick him up, and even then he feels like he weighs a ton !!!
I'm not going to be able to pick him up much longer. He and Skye look identical. their markings are really close
to the same. She has little less white on her belly than he does, but their masks are just the same. They both
are so beautiful. He learned another new trick. I have him lay down, and then tell him to crawl. He'll crawl about
a foot to get a treat. It's so funny !! He'll do anything for a treat. He is so incredibly smart. He's also learned to
sit by the door so I can go through the door first. I'm debating on whether to go through formal training or not.
the only thing he hasn't learned yet is "heel" that obedience would teach him. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go
through training just to reinforce what I have taught him...I don't know..guess we'll see later.  A couple of days
ago, I made him sit and stay by the door while I went out to get some groceries out of my trunk. When I came
back inside. he was still in exactly in the same place!!! I thought that was excellent! I am a little concerned that
his testicles haven't dropped yet. I guess it doesn't matter that much since I'm getting him neutered at 6
months, but I still thought they should have dropped by now !!
Rayne is pretty too. She looks really sweet. I heard a pretty cool name the other day for a girl. It's NASHOBA,
which is Choctaw Indian for wolf. The people that have her call her  Shoba. I like that!!
Gotta go to sleep, but I'll send you his height and weight Saturday. Thanks for the pictures!  


Got home ok and Myah slept most of the way.We stopped half way and she went to potty.
When we got home the red heeler,Harley made her her baby right off as she did Koda and the blue heeler.
Every ones getting along well accept the blue heeler is terrified of Myah.
This is shocking to me because she usually treats new members like chew toys.My old male maverick smelled
of her and walked away like."not another one"!Any way Thanks again and I'll call if I need ya.      Deb


Hi! How are you? I hope you're getting some well deserved time off from puppies! I have to tell you about
Suka....Dawn, he is absolutely the smartest dog I have ever seen in my whole life...and so beautiful! He has
learned sit, sit stay, lay down, lay down stay,play ball ( he chases the ball and brings it back every time!), no,
leave it alone....he is so good..hasn't chewed up anything yet...and minds so well !!! He does give me his
opinion if he doesn't want to mind, but he will always do what I tell him to. If I talk "DOG TALK" to him, he will
carry on a whole conversation.. it is sooo funny! I will have him sit stay, and put a treat on the floor in front of
him, and he won't touch it until I tell him ok. It is amazing. He does have a thing for shoes..he doesn't chew
them, just brings them into the bedroom and puts them by his toys...he doesn't get just one shoe..he'll bring
one shoe in the bedroom and then go back and get the other one!! He keeps us laughing all the time. He goes
to the vet Saturday for the rest of his vaccines..I bet he weighs about 20 to 25 lbs. I'll let you know! I swear we
adore this puppy! He gives a lot of kisses and likes to cuddle. You did a super job on breeding this wonderful
little guy! I enclosed a couple of pictures I took today...I'll try to get a really good picture for you...How are his
littermates doing? Do you know how big they are? I'm just wondering if he's starting to catch up in size. Write
me when you get a chance..Talk to you soon...Rosemary


Dawn- Sorry to have taken a bit longer to write an update...Makya is doing great. Taking her to the Vet was a
family affair! She is in excellent health. Ears are good. NO WORMS!!! She is still working on the leash, still
doesn’t like it. Her ears are on their way up. She LOVES to wrestle with Nikoles. she stop crying at night after a
few days. She loves to ride in the car. She is a good girl, has a few accidents here and there. but is learning.
My husband emailed that he thinks Makya needs a brother... I told him he is crazy!!! You never know, I might
be calling you about a red Malamute!!! lol
Always a good time for a


Keely automatically liked Logan. There is just something about him that puppies like. Even at the vet, there
have been puppies who will come right up to Logan and want to play. And their owners give me a strange look
and say that he/she is normally very shy and reserved. Especially around big dogs.

Logan is very special.

Keely is getting spoiled, fast. I already know she is going to howl like crazy tonight so I will be going to be a
couple of hours early. She is taking a nap in her crate right now so i am going to let her out and play with her
before bedtime. Each of the dogs here have their own unique personality. Sable is the boss, everything that
goes on has to be checked and approved by her first. Logan is the fun teenager-- good with the kids and loves
to impress 'the boss'. Tumpka is a full on stud. He is pure testosterone. and Kera is full estrogen minus the
moods. she is an absolute cuddle-bug. and sooo warm. her fur is very short and she has that baggy puppy
skin; she's very soft and so comforting to hold.

she is a great puppy. just like her brother.



just got back a little while ago from the vet's. she passed everything. very shy, but passed all of her tests. Her
stool is still firm and she is very healthy.

she is very people friendly. her tail doesn't curl under when she is around me, and she is much less shy with
the people that come over. She still does not like to explore past the living room unless Logan or Tumpka go
ahead of her and show her that it is fine. It takes a lot of patience to get her to come freely out of her 'safe

But i am not worried about any of this. she will get over this soon enough. I was just telling you about it. She is
already showing a lot of improvement with her courage. She is going to be so much more spoiled than Logan
and Tumpka. I see it and so does everyone else. She is so much tinier than they are and so much sweeter. I
will not let any of the dogs on the couches, not even tumpka. but I bring Keely up to sleep next to me. she is
such a princess already. I just can't help it.

She gives everyone kisses, including the dogs and the cats. she is just so precious. I have never met such a
girly-girl dog before. I am not the type of person to ever purchase pink for my dogs, but I guarantee I will have a
nice pink designer collar for her soon enough. Like I said, she is so spoiled already. she is just so gentle with
everything that she does.

Ealier today she and tumpka were playing. tumpka got a little rough with her like he does with Logan, and Keely
let out the tinest of growls then grabbed his neck and tossed him on his back to the floor. he was so stunned
he didn't know what to do. So he ran into a corner behind a chair and started yelping. lol he wasn't even hurt.
well, except for his pride. ;)

i just can not imagine a better puppy for the gang. I am still keeping her away from Sable for now but so far
Sable has only growled at her (through the crate) once and that was it.


our puppy is an excellent dog i had never thought a dog could be so friendly!

Thank You,


I brought Rayne to work with me today. SHe has been here all day and she is the best behaved puppy in the
world. Everyone is sooo impressed with her and in love.
They say she is the perfect picture of this breed and she is the best bahaved puppy they ever saw. She has
just laid down by my desk all day with her toys and her chew
bones and followed me everywhere I went, my co workers too, and always came right back to my side and laid
her head on my feet. She is a wonderful beautiful little girl.
Thank You Dawn

Well our 1st night together was alittle LOUD!! Makya did good on the way home. My friend held her the four
hours. and the boys were very excited to see her. we already started some training. She is staying on her bed
in the living room. and I couldn’t believe that she was peeing and pooping on newspaper by herself! she did
have an accident when we came home, in the kitchen, but was only because she was excited. she loved to be
rubbed and petted. Makya and Nik have become fast friends. He gave her one of his beloved teddy bears!
Here are some pictures.


Hi Dawn!
I just got the time to play the CD of Suka, and I am really blown away!!! You did a great job on putting it
together, and I just love the is perfect. It really touched me because your dog does all those wonderful
things for you...I know Suka keeps me laughing...he is so funny...and I know he will love me unconditionally,
and I will do the same for him!!!  As many dogs that I have had over my lifetime, I have never had a breeder
care enough to do all the work it took to make the CD. I can really tell it was a labor of love for you to do it!
Thank you so much!
Suka goes to the Vet next Monday for his shots. I can't wait to see what he weighs..I bet he's about 12 pounds
now. He has really shot up this past week. It's almost like you can watch him growing. We've just about got the
biting under control. He doesn't bite down now, but he loves to get my fingers in his mouth!!!! He's very playful
and very smart. I can only fill his water bowl about 1/10th full because after he gets his fill of water, he starts
splashing it all over! His little paws are going so fast that the water splashes about 2 feet from the bowl. After
he gets his shots, I'm going to get a little kiddy play pool for him to splash around in. I just adore this little guy...
he's going to be well mannered, but also spoiled rotten!!!! As soon as I get batteries for my camera, I'll send
you some pictures.
Better close...thanks again for everything. You made a really beautiful and sweet puppy.                 

the vet said everything is fine and i am set up for a new appointment on the 15th to get her 8 weeks booster
shot. He said that she looked great and she didn't have anything in her ears, she had no sores and everything
looked good. She didn't have any worms or anything like that.  He said that she had been well taken care of
and he said i got a good one. She is doing good and i will keep you up to date on how she is doing.

Hi! We went to the vet for the "well-puppy" check up and Suka came through with flying colors. The vet thought
he was I do too!!!! He's doing really well...using the paper ALL THE TIME!!! I have his toys in a
little basket, and he'll go to it and take out what he wants to play's so funny...he'll pull out every toy until
he finds the one he wants..he's very determined. The only problem I'm having is biting...but we're handling it
ok. I'm doing the submissive action...holding him down until he relaxes, saying "No bite"and then giving him a
chew toy. He understands it...but doesn't want to stop chewing on my toes or fingers...when I do the action. he
stops biting for about 10 minutes. I'm sure in a day or two he'll get it. He's so smart....and really sweet...a little
cuddler!!! We all just love him so much!!! I'll keep you in the loop about his developments! Have a great day!
Rosemary  P.S. My husband has changed his mind about a red female puppy...he now wants a girl that looks
like Suka. We've got a while to wait, but keep me in mind!


Hi Dawn!
Well, we made it through the night...Suka was remarkable good in his kennel. He went right to sleep about 8:30
and slept through til 1:30..he woke up and HOWLED for about 5 minutes..went back to sleep,,slept until 5:30
this morning.  I let him out then..he peed and pooped ON HIS PAPER..and was ready to play !!!!  He is a joy!!!
He is so smart! And we love him so much!!!He goes to the vet tomorrow, so I'll email you when we get back! He
is going to be loved more than we ever imagined!! Talk to you soon! Rosemary


She is doing great so far. I was very surprised, she didn't cry very much at all during the day, and then at night
she was no trouble at all. She is already showing some good signs on the housebreaking front. She still has a
few mistakes but i think she is starting to get the idea down that it is good to go outside and bad to go inside,
which i think is good for just 2 days. She has not had any diarrhea yet but the real test should be tomorrow
when i go back to school in the mornings. Luckily my mom will be here tomorrow for the first day and i will have
a crate by the second day. Ive already gotten three or four comments on how beautiful of a puppy she is. I liked
the DVD a lot and as soon as my girlfriend gets back from her volleyball camp we will start taking pictures on
her camera and we will be sending you some of the good ones. Thanks for everything and keep in touch.
Greg Parker


my brother jason and his wife katherine are staying with me for two weeks (good thing they like cats!!!!). They
came on a Saturday and by Monday, weird things were happening. Let's take the door bell for example. The
door bell is a loud ringing contraption designed by the prehistoric salesame of 600,875,398, 001 BC with the
intent of ringing repeatedly until the obnoxiously shrill sound, a crude Flinstone's maneuver of pulling the long
tail of a pissed off large bird (which is why, billions of years later, birds are still pooping on freshly washed cars
for revenge), drove the inhabitants of the cave to answer the door, just to shut up the noise. This action
resulted in them lisening to a 15 minute speech on the benefits of owning the square wheel.

Nowadays, doorbells are still used in a much similiar manner. Only, throughout the centures, certain cultures of
mankind have developed a system of democracy and voting. Which leads to the office candidates, who go door
to tell passing out brochures and begging you to vote for them. These people are much like the Salesman in
the effect that both are trying to guilt you into making a stupid decision that requires payment in the form of
money or for your convenience a personal check.

However, occasionally the doorbell is used for other cases. For instance, the fun game of Ding Dong Ditch.
This is a game that requires knowing and understanding the enemy. It requires plotting, planning, blueprints
and an emergency set of fake fat rim glasses with nose and mustache incase you are caught. The object of the
game: ring a door bell and them jump in a ditch. My hat is off to the genius inventor of this mindblowing activity
of wit and charm.

Usually the instigators of this game are human children, but in the case of this story, the instigator is a pup
named Logan Clay Shatner. I use a full name because he is in trouble and any mother knows you use a full
name when the child is about to get it. ;) Because my backyard is hot enough to be the center of the earth,
Logan has to find new means of entertainment that don't require much energy. Ding Dong Ditch is one of them.
He makes sure he can see Jason or Katherin in the living room through the big windows and he then casually
goes to a backdoor and rings the bell. Then he dashes back to the window just in time to see one of them get
up, answer the door, and walk back to the couch scratching their head in confusion.

This game will go on for about 20 minutes or until Jason and/or Katherine end up stomping to the front door,
slamming it open, and yelling to world "YOU KIDS GO HOME!!!!!"

Logan's tail is about to wag out of its socket by this point.

after 10 days of this fun game and listening to them rant and rave about the annoying children in this
neighborhood, I finally decided to tell them that it was Logan. Okay, that's not true. They caught me answering
the backdoor after logan rang to be let in. You should have seen their faces. They thought it was so funny!!!
Okay, that's not true either. They were pretty mad. At first. But then they thought it was pretty cool and even
cracked a smile or too.

After they disengaged my door bell. and that's true.


Hey Dawn,

Brought Kuzco in to get weighed today.  He's 75lbs.  Twelve more pounds than last time!  And James and I
were just noticing how long his hair is.  He's just growing up and so beautiful.  I try and take some pics this week
and send them to you.  I have to work the next couple days so I don't know if I'll get a chance then.  But I'll try to
get some by the weekend.How are the puppies doing.  Looks like it's really warm all over the country right now
Hope your dogs are surviving the heat!


rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; Romans 12:12

Of all the gifts you could give the US Military, Prayer is the very best one.....

Hello Dawn,

Just sending a little hello to you and some recent pictures of our beautiful girl, Kady. She is now 7 1/2 months
old and she is just a beautiful dog. She loves going for walks and loves to play soccer and fetch. I just love her
so much. I am considering getting a 2nd alaskan malamute, do you have any recommendations?

Hope all is well. Congratulations on the new puppies.

Norma Rios  


Hi Dawn thought I'd send another pitchure of my big chance, I weighed him at 9 months he was at 113lbs. I
don't think they came any better then this one, thanks once again.

It has been so busy around here.  I've meant to get back in touch with you.  Our puppies are doing great.  
Goliath is huge!  Samson is just as playful as ever.  He is always there with a kiss, even if you're ready for it or
not.  They are great and learn so fast. Goliath is very sweet and laid back, but he is always there to greet you
at the door.  We will send you some updated pictures.   They are such beautiful, sweet, and gentle dogs.  They
have been a great addition to our family.



Just wanted to brag a little about one of Kera's babies.

For the next 3 weeks Sable and Logan will be going to churches for their VBS (theme deals with the arctic) to
meet the kids. Last night they went to their first one. Sable has dealt with nursing homes and schools before,
so she did well. This was Logan's first and I couldn't have been prouder!

He is so hyper and rambunctius that I was worried he would not be able to contain himself and jump up on
people or be over whelming. But he wasn't. He restrained himself and gave each of the kids one-on-one time
with him and would lick their faces and hands. At one point a 1.5-2 year was placed on the floor next to sable
so that he could pet her. I still have NO idea where this kid came from because he isn't even old enough to be
in VBS and wasn't in the group initially. By the time I noticed it was because Logan was making his way towards
the baby. I didn't have time to pull him back at all. But Logan, bless his heart, did sniff the child or nose-push or
even lick. He just laid daid and allowed the boy to pet him at his leisure before he calmly got back up and went
back to his perky self with the older children. =) I quickly removed the boy at that point, but I was still very proud
of logan's instincts.

Of course, the HIGHLIGHT of the night was when a boy very slowly made his way towards logan. And then very
slowly began petting him, before all of a sudden he went full on with petting and playing with Logan. He kept
calling him Demon (from the movie snowdogs) as he hugged his neck. A chaperone looked at me with awe and
the biggest smile and said that the child has autism and doesn't come up to strangers, let along SPEAK. he
hasn't spoken to anyone outside of his family in the 5 years she has known him.

I thought that was awesome. And definitely earned logan a free pass for the next time he does something not
so pleasant at home. ;)

who loves, loves, loves, boy logan


Bear is doing great and getting big.  I'll send you some more pictures

Thanks Jesse

I had to send the one where he's close up...such a weirdo.  And in the first one he looks like a bear.  His tongue
is always sticking out.  I can't believe how big he is.  He needs a new crate now.  He's getting one with the next
paycheck.  I remember when he fit in the very back of the one we have now...and when he fit in our lap!  And to
think he has so much more to grow!



Logan went to the vet yesterday and everything checked out fine. He is now
current on all of his shots. One of the receptionists at the front desk
thought he was the cutest thing. She had never heard 'malatalk' before, and
kept swearing up and down that he was saying 'mama' and 'i love you'. =)

I'm attaching some pictures for you. These are the ones that I had already
taken the first week he was here. Now that he's had his shots I'll take him
out on walks and such and get more pictures of him doing more than chewing a
bone on his bed, or standing around looking pretty.... ;)

The one of him outside by himself is my favorite so far. It really shows off
his disposition and his beautiful markings and intelligent expression. The
only thing I don't like is he had to be standing in the UGLIEST spot of my
yard..... uhk. Oh well. The setting isn't lovely, but the model is!

Give Kera and Demon a hug for me. And a special one for Kiska! I really like
that one!

Hope you're doing well,

My baby is doing great she is getting so big very
fast, i took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago and
her weight doubled, the vet says she doing wonderful
and very healthy! she sure likes to play especially
with my four year old malamute, well i will probably
send you a new picture of her in a couple of weeks.
thanks leslie

thank you she is so beautiful

leslie Johnson


Hello Dawn,
we just love our new puppy "Kady" she is doing very good,she is so playful and already learning to play fetch...I
will be taking her to vet on Tues. afternoon for her appt. I will call you with the info as soon as I am out from the
appt. It was the earliest appt available with a local vet.
Take care,


Hi there,

Just sending a big hello and some fun shots of Kady..she is a lot of was a beautiful day today.

Hope all is well, take care.


Hi there,

Just sending a big hello and some fun shots of Kady..she is a lot of was a beautiful day today.

Hope all is well, take care.


Thank You Dawn. And I will be looking forward to the arrival of the new baby from you. This was a great
experience with you and your beautiful malamutes.

Hi Dawn:
I just wanted to let you know that I took Pharoah to the vet. He is now 19.9 pounds. He's a big fat boy. The vet
said you are a great breeder and that he is beautiful. A beautiful specimen of the breed. He is very healthy and
he has 2 testicles and he is nice and thick.
The name of the vet is Hillendale Animal Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  The vet's name is Dr. Donald C. Mills.
Everything looks and is great.
Rebecca Pierce

here she is, she is getting big real fast, let me know
that you got this


I just wanted to update you about Goliath and Samson.  They are well.  Goliath weighs 45 lbs. and Samson
weighs 33 lbs.  They stay busy playing in the backyard with Kimberly and Lauren.  I just wanted to let you know
how the puppies are doing and how fast they are growing.



You are welcome to post any pictures that I send to you.  We all love our new puppies.



It seems Logan is a self-taught wonder dog. He did this on Sunday and I thought it was an accident. He did it on
Monday and I thought it was a coincidence. On Tuesday it was a questionable happening.

But now it's Wednesday and he did it again. That is 4 days in a row.

What is he doing, you ask?

Rining the door bell!!!!!

When he's outside and wants to come back in he rings the doorbell!!  I hear the bell and I go to answer the
front door only to find no one there. And the door bell rings again. Well, I only have 2 doorbells to my house.
Front door and back door. I will go to the backyard window and see Logan standing at the door, pawing the
buzzer and staring through the door's window. Haha.

So, it's kind of cute. And it's kind of funny. But it's getting annoying. Dogs shouldn't know that trick!!! Logan,
logan, logan.....



Logan sits and watches me as I do all of my kitcheny things. 20 minutes ago I grabbed a glass and pressed it
against the icemaker button of my fridge for some of the quickest ice shooter action I've ever seen. I always
making sure to give Logan a piece (he loves it) before pouring some tea. I put the glass down and went outside
to check the mailbox. When I came back in, Logan was at the fridge with one paw on the button. Ice was
pouring out everywhere and he was trying to catch it with his mouth (think water hose, only instead of soft water
we're talking about ice chunks hitting your face). His tail was wagging and he was having a blast up until the
point when I gave him a very loud NO.

First doorbells and now quick ice.

Fine. I can deal with these. But he'd better not figure out how to use my credit cards. Things will get a little
nasty around here if that happens.


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