Our Kennels
Each of our dogs has his or her own kennel as you can see our kennels are very large no small kennels here .
Our dogs have a great life and are very happy. We welcome you to come and visit and meet our malamutes!
Our dogs each have their own dog houses no one has to share a dog house. And our dog houses are
huge dog houses and their is plenty of room for them  
Below is a side view of our kennel system. We have plenty of room and we also have runs thats our dogs go
out to play in every day  .(pictures coming soon of our runs)
Since everyone does not get to come and visit and meet our malamutes due to living so far away and need their
puppy shipped to them we want you to see that our dogs have a great life with huge kennels, huge dog houses
and runs. Thats why we have happy , and healthy malamutes we only have the best for our malamutes.