Jewel/Stryker's Litter                                
Stryker is such a big lovable  boy who loves to play and loves to
meet new people .
Jewel's litter
Born :      03-03-2018
All of these Alaskan Malamute puppies come with :

1) an  AKC application for registration;

2) an AVID application for registration in its pet recovery system - our puppies are
microchipped at 2 weeks of age (microchips may now be registered with AVID or with
AKC's pet recovery system)

3) a worming/shot record reflecting dates the puppy received its worming and shots
during the first 8 weeks;

4) a "Puppy Pak" containing a 1 lb. Sample of  Puppy food and coupons for future
purchases of food and products for your puppy,

5) vaccination (done at 6 weeks  of age)

6) worming done on  all puppies at 2,4,6,8 weeks of age.

7) Health Guarantee and Puppy Contract

8)  A collar and leash for your puppy

We provide permanent microchip identification for all of our adults and puppies.
Your new puppy comes to you already fitted with a tiny harmless microchip that will
stay safely in place for life, offering protection from loss, theft or separation due to
natural or personal disaster. The microchip number is unique and belongs only to
your puppy. You and your puppy will be enrolled in PETtrac™, the largest private 24
hour pet recovery network in the United States. We handle the entire process! We
can even include your veterinarian’s information and an alternate contact of choice.
Shelters, vets, and rescue teams scan for microchips. If ever lost, your puppy can
find his way
home to you when his number is scanned and PETtrac is alerted. Operators are
standing by 24hours a day to help reunite you and your pet. PETtrac manages over
1000 calls each day and
has helped thousands of lost pets get back home.
We are proud to offer you this service as part of our Standard of Care.

We  want to make sure our adults and puppies are always safe.
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* Puppies are chosen in the order we receive the deposits.**  
* Deposits to reserve a puppy are $400.00 And that is taken off the puppy price
* If you would like to add one of our puppies in your family call 903-438-8794 or call 903-366-1961
Jewel  is such a sweet lovable girl . This is her first litter and
has proven to be a wonderful mom.
Available: Female 257: (red /white )   
Sold: Female 256 : (Whitson)   
Sold: Female 263: (Velleuer)   
Sold: Male 255 (herrejon )
Sold: Male 264 : (saldierna)   
Sold: Female 245 : (Mahoney)   
Sold : Male 259 : (Flores)